What is YELLOW BAG  App?

YELLOW BAG App is to order and get delivery of groceries & Food from the nearby store.

Who will deliver?

Groceries and Food will be delivered by the store from where you are ordering or the YELLOWBAG Agent based on the area of service.

Grocery from which shop it will be delivered?

You can select the store nearby to you at your convenience. Based on the necessity you can alter the store of your preference. In case fruits & vegetables are not supplied by your selected store, you can change the store. Please see the list of area serviced by each store for more clarity.

Is it free delivery or paid delivery?

Currently it is paid delivery.

What is the minimum order for delivery?

It depends on the store to store. Each store has different value for minimum order. Please check your store for the minimum order value for delivery

Is there any OTP to confirm the delivery?

Once the order processed, OTP will be generated and updated in order history. During delivery, you have to give your OTP to the delivery agent to complete the delivery.

Is the delivery agent name or contact number intimated?

Delivery agent name and contact number updated in order history for easy linking.

Any discount / cash back offer available on purchases?

Discount / cash back offer may be offered by Yellowbag or the store based on the order value or fixed amount which will be displayed in app.